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strategic thinking

NetProspect's unique IOPM process model will drive your e-business by creating coherent web marketing strategies, capable of delivering significant added value.

IOPM process model

IOPM™ process model maintains a competitive edgeBeing adaptive and flexible in its choice of tactics, NetProspect recognises that once marketing begins the game board is fluid offering both new threats and new opportunities. Additionally the process model is far from linear -- in fact only through repeated circulation of the four IOPM disciplines can any e-business hope to maintain a competitive edge.

Intelligence gathering provides an intellectual framework. "Without tough front-end intellectual change, physical change will be unfocused, random, and unlikely to succeed." ~ Hope Is Not A Method ~ G Sullivan / M Harper.

Optimisation skills distill the latest insights and approaches, whilst accurately assessing and matching the blueprint of leading websites in your industry.

Placement pre-qualifies your site visitors -- who find you through niche, targeted keywords or phrases that are highly relevant to the products or services you sell.

Metrics drive real-time visibility into the performance of your marketing efforts and leverage response trends to reveal more revenue opportunities.